Do You Ever Feel Like No One Cares About Your Book?

With the advent of self-publishing, there are more books on the market now than ever before. Every author and their PA is on social media, jamming feeds and timelines with a sea of underwhelming advertisements that blend together and get lost beneath the waves.


If you're searching for a way to make your book marketing content stand out from the vast ocean, riding the crest of the wave like a sleek catamaran - instead of just sinking down to the bottom of Davy Jones' Locker, try video!


Make your book come alive with a custom book trailer!

Video gets more views on social media than any other type of media post. Not only that, but it has more engagement: more 'likes', more clicks, more comments, more shares. And to top it all off, the search engines dig it!

The Shrimp Book Trailer - $129.00

This short 20-30 second* video makes a great promotional piece. It's perfect for highlighting a special deal, sale or giveaway! Royalty-free images and music combine with your marketing elements to create an attention grabbing call to action!

* video length is approximate

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The Squid Book Trailer - $189.00

Tease your audience with a quick, flirty 45-60 second* snippet. Royalty-free images and music combine with your marketing elements to create a brief, intriguing snapshot of your book. Perfect for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Author Page and Goodreads Author Page.

* video length is approximate

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The Whale Book Trailer - $289.00

Provide potential customers with a cinematic experience with this 80-120 second* video. Royalty-free images, video clips, titles, fonts, effects and music combine with your marketing materials to create a truly one of a kind showcase for your book.

Process includes coming up with a tailored script designed to draw readers in and tease their interest, 3D Book Covers and creation of additional marketing images where needed, to improve upon the overall effectiveness of your video.

Perfect for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Author Page, Goodreads Author Page and more.

* video length is approximate

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Evangeline Anderson Evangeline Anderson NYT & USA Today Best Selling Author of Erotic Sci-fi
    I adore my book trailer from SpunkyPub so much that I immediately ordered 3 more. It’s hot, sexy, attention-grabbing and exactly what I needed to get new readers talking about my books. I don’t know how Kat does it but I DO know she is doing it better than anyone else in this business! 5 Smoking Hot Stars!
  • Shelby Kent-Stewart Shelby Kent-Stewart Author of Erotic Romance
    What was it like to work with Spunky Publications on my book trailers? It was heaven. Her grasp of the story, her attention to detail and thematic nuance, her choice of music, everything was perfect. Want exposure, that extra something to engage potential readers? This is it. I couldn’t be happier.
  • Naya Free Naya Free Author of Sensual Romance
    I love the work … for my LEONE NOR book trailer. From beginning to end of the seamless process of production, I felt understood, supported, and appreciated. The end speaks for itself as it represents my novel artistically and beautifully. Thank you so much for this fantastic one-of-a-kind promotion. Just fantastic!

More Information About our Book Trailers

All videos are provided in HD quality and are perfect for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media avenues (additional lower resolution files provided upon request).

Spunky Publications does not incorporate narration or voice overs into our videos. We feel that, in most cases, they detract from the cinematic experience. We do not, at this time, offer any options that include filming of live actors, as this would increase the budget exponentially.

All images and video clips adhere to content guidelines for the most popular social media sites and book vendor and review sites. Although we typically cater to the romance and erotica genres, we make sure to keep the 'spice level' of our videos within acceptable 'community standards'. *That means no bare breasts, no full-frontal nudity or exposed genitals, no 'hand bras' or bare tushies, etc. We want to make sure that your video doesn't get reported or blocked, since that would prevent it from being used as an effective marketing tool.

Spunky Publications will also showcase your video on their YouTube channel, Facebook Page and Twitter accounts for added exposure. *We reserve the right to upload to additional social media sites at our discretion.

At this time payment is only available through PayPal. All trailers must be fully paid in advance. Due to the custom nature of the videos and labor intensive process, refunds are not permitted. All sales are final. * If for some reason you are unhappy with your video, we will perform revisions, within reason, to ensure your satisfaction with the end result.

What does an expert have to say?

When it comes to book marketing advice, there's an awful lot out there, much of it not any good. There are few people whose opinion we value more than New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Joanna Penn.

Joanna is widely considered to be a thought leader in the writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and marketing community. She is continuously at the forefront of the newest trends in book marketing and her blog, The Creative Penn is a go to for many new and established authors.

Joanna Penn

I am definitely a fan of multimedia as one aspect of [book] marketing. I’ve been doing…videos for nearly 5 years now and I think it can help stand out from the crowd…[of] text based marketing.

Joanna Penn The Creative Penn

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